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Forever And Always


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Commission Info!

:iconbearbounceplz:COMMISSION INFO:iconbearbounce1plz:

Kawaii Button: Commish Open by miemie-chan3
:bulletwhite: WILL DRAW :bulletwhite:
:bulletwhite: Will NOT draw :bulletwhite:
Porn/robots/old people

:star: People Options :star:
Knee and up $40
(Full is not an option till I'm better at drawing full bodies)
Shoulders Up-$30

:star: Animals/Pony Options :star:
From the knees up Anthro-$40
Shoulder Up Anthro-$30
Chibi Anthro-$20
Feral (normal or chibi)-$30

Badges are $7 for a head and $13 for chest-up

•-Type of commission:
•-Poses of the character(s):
•-Character personaly:
•-Any other info:

(Weapons/Pokemon/Or animals If difficult may Also Cost Money)


:iconbearbounceplz:ART TRADES:iconbearbounce1plz:

DA Button: Art Trades Open by miemie-chan3  
•My trades are usually ALWAYS open. But, I do not just excepts trades from anyone
•I have to really love your art (and you should like mine lol)
• you must be at my skill level, or higher. if i like your art a lot, then you can assume that would be the case XD
•I am very picky.. So dont ask, just drop a note with your artwork, and ask there. I prefer not having a pile of comments on my page about trades XD
•If you ask me to do a trade, you must finish your part first
(if you do not like these rules, then please don't ask.)



I love, live and breathe PARAMORE :heart:


It me by Momokoblu
It me
I haven't Posted a picture of myself on here in years. Time has gone by so incredibly fast! Hope I don't crack your computer screens

(I look tired in this picture haha)

Commissions Open!

Tue Jul 8, 2014, 9:57 PM

(another additional character is the same price as the additional 1)

:star:Badges are $10 for a head and $15 for chest-up
(holiday badges are $23 , examples are seen here. Christmas ones are available too.)

C: Kaweki Badge by Momokoblu Badge Commission Set by Momokoblu
Star! People Options Star!
•Knee/waist up $45

Getoveritkomouri by Momokoblu Put some pants on by Momokoblu sweethearts by Momokoblu
•Bust Up-$35

Back by Momokoblu  Oh Baby Come closer by Momokoblu My Little Doll by Momokoblu Hellfire by Momokoblu


I Love You by Momokoblu GA: Sharla In Japan by Momokoblu

Star! Animals/Pony Options Star!

•From the hips up Anthro-$40

Wolf buds by Momokoblu AT: Affanita by Momokoblu

•Bust Up Anthro-$35

Amberly woohoo by Momokoblu

•Chibi Anthro-$30

Craziiblu by Momokoblu C: Lollypop by Momokoblu

•Feral (normal or chibi)-$30

GA: Yoko by Momokoblu CM: mylifeinabox by Momokoblu


C: Sparkly by Momokoblu

:star: DAKIMAKURA :star:

US $100 (single character, 2 different poses) yes this is the prices they remain. They are full body, take a lot of time and work. You may have to wait a little while on them, but you will be updated always. PLEASE DM me if your interested. (I prefer drawing females for this, but I can always try males) 


 👍I will draw  

• Female and male Characters

• OC (original chracter)






🚫 I will NOT draw🚫

• Yaoi

• Mecha

• Futanari

• Real people in anime style


⭐️Commission TERMS⭐️

  •Providing references is highly recommended

  •It can take up to month to complete commission

  •Commission only can be paid in PayPal (I’ll send you my address  when I accept your order)

  •Please send your payment within 24hs after I've accepted your order.

  •I may or may not post commissioned piece in my gallery.

  •You may not resell, make another profit or claim that you drew the piece.

 •Full Pre-Payment 

•Personal use only, but you’re free to post your commission picture anywhere.


If you want to commission me, please fill out this form and DM me at momo_blu on Instagram OR note me here

 • Your PayPal:

• Character/s: (How many?)

• References: 

• Info (write a little bit about your character/s) 

• Background (only accepting blank or backdrops) (+/-): 

• Other: (extra info, if any )

After I accept your commission I'll send you a sketch. You may ask me for additions/corrections at this stage.

40,000 point giveaway

Wed Oct 8, 2014, 9:34 PM…

UPDATE: Notice; I am not the one holding this raffle. The artist (who I then tagged the link to, is holding this raffle. We are supposed to repost the raffle info here >.<...)
I recently got 40,000 points to help myself out, but after some time I didn't want to use them, so I wanted to give
someone else the points, so I made this giveaway.

Looking at some other giveaways, I see that there are rules and places etc. Since this is my first giveaway, there is only
1 place, there is no second or third place as this is my first giveaway but I may do other giveaways with more places in
the future.

And the rules to enter this are:

Favourite this Giveaway

Make a journal about this giveaway

Leave a comment below with a link to the completed journal you made

That's it, unless you want to give me a watch or Llama or check out my gallery then you can feel free but you don't have to.

This giveaway will end on 10th November and the winner will be announced.

Good luck to everyone!


Oct 31, 2014
10:24 am
Oct 31, 2014
7:31 am
Oct 31, 2014
6:47 am
Oct 31, 2014
5:39 am
Oct 31, 2014
3:57 am



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About Me

:iconbearbounceplz:About Me:iconbearbounce1plz:

•••About Me•••
Image and video hosting by TinyPic

•INSTAGRAM: Momo_blu
•Twitter: Komouriraiyon

•Name: Amberly
•Nicknames: Momo
• Just an artist... Working hard to go towards her dreams



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