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Forever And Always


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Commission Info!

:iconbearbounceplz:COMMISSION INFO:iconbearbounce1plz:

Kawaii Button: Commish Open by miemie-chan3
:bulletwhite: WILL DRAW :bulletwhite:
:bulletwhite: Will NOT draw :bulletwhite:
Porn/robots/old people

:star: People Options :star:
Knee and up $40
(Full is not an option till I'm better at drawing full bodies)
Shoulders Up-$30

:star: Animals/Pony Options :star:
From the knees up Anthro-$40
Shoulder Up Anthro-$30
Chibi Anthro-$20
Feral (normal or chibi)-$30

Badges are $7 for a head and $13 for chest-up

•-Type of commission:
•-Poses of the character(s):
•-Character personaly:
•-Any other info:

(Weapons/Pokemon/Or animals If difficult may Also Cost Money)


:iconbearbounceplz:ART TRADES:iconbearbounce1plz:

DA Button: Art Trades Open by miemie-chan3  
•My trades are usually ALWAYS open. But, I do not just excepts trades from anyone
•I have to really love your art (and you should like mine lol)
• you must be at my skill level, or higher. if i like your art a lot, then you can assume that would be the case XD
•I am very picky.. So dont ask, just drop a note with your artwork, and ask there. I prefer not having a pile of comments on my page about trades XD
•If you ask me to do a trade, you must finish your part first
(if you do not like these rules, then please don't ask.)



I love, live and breathe PARAMORE :heart:

My Deviantart story

Thu Aug 7, 2014, 11:22 AM
I started here with just a bunch of drawings of created Ocs, gifts and requests. I was here to learn and improve, through so many artists here. My number one inspirations have been :icondweebchan: :icondanzzila: and :iconmzzazn: .  So much drama and friends made and even some love had been experienced through this site. I have been through it all here, and without DA, I honestly don't know how I would have been confident enough to share my artwork to the world,  since I started here back in 2009

I thought I was so cool for having a DA.. The way I would talk xD oh god... I can't even. I was so immature and living a little mini imaginary dream that I couldn't seem to get out of. .it was myself drawing every moment of every day wanting to throw art at people left and right.. Looking for reactions and praise. I didn't understand the ways of online or even how the sure worked then.. Just wanting to see people proud. I made so many great friends, especially :iconsorahari-chan: and :iconakameko: and :icondarkuchii:

Komouri ID by Momokoblu


VERY busy art dump by Momokoblu

At first I would always post so many sketches and rushed drawings. Most of them I was sure proud of then, but the time and effort I put into each wasn't enough. I would draw on ms paint so frequently with a mouse until one day, a friend here decided to give me her old Bamboo tablet.  I picked up the free version of Sai, along with "Manga Maker" and got to work. I realized how much then no one would bother critiquing my work and I took what was good enough. I silently watched over artists I admired, telling myself "they will notice me one day".. I made friends with a few, and through that I have learned what close friendships are, along with many inspiring new ways to learn. From expression, to poses.. Not making my artwork look so stiff, to having movement.AP Art by Momokoblu
Art in school was hard for me, because instead of learning with technique and new styles I was forced to become someone I wasn't through my art.. It kept me away from deviantart and I gradually pulled away from here. Others forgot who I was, and people stopped caring for me around here. I let the worst get the best of me.

after Highschool I took time off to work harder on what I have learned over the years. I let myself be my guide and enjoy art for what it was. A balance of mixed media and styles. Something I never learned in school, and only through places such as DA.AT: Affanita by Momokoblu
Batty by Momokoblu

Hydreigon by Momokoblu

From traditional, to digital media.. I forced myself to be better then who I was . I wanted to show off more then what I had to offer.. And after I knew it. My biggest inspiration of all noticed me, :icondanzzila: .. I cannot possibly express the gratitude and the amount of respect I have for this man. It was like Christmas came early, as I couldn't ask for anything else. Someone who after years and years , admiring, he noticed my talents and liked me for what I have done.. Till this day I'm constantly trying o impress,  but I achieved more of a life goal as well. His advice and words and compliments always made me so happy. I learned critique is good as long as it is good from this people.. I learned opinions can remain opinions, and sometimes people may see things differently then you, especially through art.. And if they don't like something that doesn't mean another person will feel the exact same. Getoveritkomouri by Momokoblu

I grabbed my OC children, I continue to improve them and even add some new faces along the way. I may not be as active , and my artwork now comes in slower then normal, but I'm here to continue to make others smile, and admire me because I want to be an inspiration to many. 



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About Me

:iconbearbounceplz:About Me:iconbearbounce1plz:

•••About Me•••
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•INSTAGRAM: Momo_blu
•Twitter: Komouriraiyon

•Name: Amberly
•Nicknames: Momo
• Just an artist... Working hard to go towards her dreams



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